Rudma Tek

Understanding the building blocks of our earth through technology and where.

By incorporating software, hardware and procedures we can create spatial systems to better understand our planet, create information to support better decisions promoting a sustainable future.

We advance the spatial industry with innovative Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Rudma Tek Pty Ltd



Rudma Tek is built on the principle of understanding the core components of geographic information systems as well as the enabling technologies.

We use proprietary tools such as Esri ArcGIS and Microsoft SQL Server as well as Open Source projects such as QGIS and PostsreSQL.

Most recently we deployed an Enterprise GIS stack using ArcGIS Server and GeoCortex Essentials incorporating Open Data feeds from Queensland Government's Queensland Globe. Open Data projects by government entities have made data accessible through many avenues and are changing the way we can access and consume data.

Ask us how we can leverage Open Data to benefit your bottom line.

Core Services


The DNA of any project guides it toward success or failure. The building blocks of data life are standards, processes and performance.

Map production to cartographic principles.
Data Management, restructure or audit.
Enterprise GIS planning and roadmap development.
Connecting business, service providers and vendors, particularly those based in Brisbane, Australia.
Marketing and promotion of the Brisbane Spatial Industry.
Project start-up assistance: infrastructure, software, devices, processes and resources advice.

Foundation Principles


As founder and principal, Chris Schlebusch is a professional with an exceptional work ethic, lasting client relationships and remarkable problem solving skills.
His background is in electronic engineering, industrial design and more than 10 years in the spatial industry as both a GIS contractor and the GIS lead for a large multi-disciplinary mining, infrastructure and logistics project.


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